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Discover the best womens bikes for sale online and for 2018, including womens beach bike cruisers, womens road bikes and womens fixie bikes.

Women’s cruiser bikes

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Women’s road bikes

Women’s fixies bikes

What is the difference between a women’s bike and men’s bike?

Women’s bikes historically were distinguished with a slanted top tube, which allows for step through access however, today most bikes are considered a unisex bike and riders can choose a bike depending on the comfort that they individually prefer.

The majority of bikes included in our site can be ridden by all (balance bikes are limited to some sizes); however we have noticed that bicycles labelled by the seller as “women’s bikes” are sometimes just a color change, and the frames are all the same.

Read reviews of existing customers by clicking through to check availability, and determine if that is the best bike for you.

Difference between mens and womens mountain bikes?

The differences are primarily comfort related, as some mountain bikes labelled as “womens mountain bikes” may have a shorter distance between the top of the frame and the seat or the bike may even have thinner tubes creating a lighter frame. 

We recommend reading the real customer reviews and validate the bike specifications to make sure that you are getting the best bike for your own ride.

What is a unisex bike?

Unisex bikes typically do not have a dropped tube (and historically referenced as a mens bike) which creates a more rigid frame for mountain biking or riding on the road.

Many people will buy a unisex road bike, simply for the durability and increased strength in the frame engineering.  A drop-tube bike, might make it easier to get on and is great for recreational riding when extreme durability is not a factor.

What is a womens fixie bike?

A fixie bike is a single speed bike and does not have a freewheel hub. In simple terms, it means that when the wheels are moving your pedals are moving and when you stop the pedals stop.  This also means that you can not “coast” because the pedals will keep going around, and around, and around.

Some people love the fixie without the addition of a hand brake, however some prefer to have a front hand brake to help, as the feet slow down the back wheel. 

Fun, yet you need to constantly be engaged with your bike, for safety.

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