NUBI Sprint 12” Kids Balance Bike – Ages 18 Months to 5 Years Pedal-Less Toddler Bike for Boys and Girls

LEARN TO RIDE THE RIGHT WAY: The traditional way of learning to ride a bicycle with training wheels or on a tricycle is a thing of the past. Using a balance bike is the fastest and safest way to teach your children how to properly balance and transition to a normal pedal bicycle. This bike features an adjustable seat and handle bar so that your child won’t out grow their balance bike till their ready to transition.
DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: With safety and integrity in mind the Nubi Sprint comes with the highest quality components, hardware and frame so that you can rest assured your child is safe and they’ll have a bike to last them for years. This bike features 12” airless tires that never run flat and an ultra lightweight design so that the bike can be ridden and maneuvered with ease. A lighter bike not only is easier to ride it’s more safe in the event your child has a small spill.
THE PERFECT FIRST BIKE: Many boys and girls learn to ride on a tricycle and transition to a bicycle with training wheels all within the ages from 1-3. That’s two expensive purchases, however, with a balance bike your kid will have a bike they can use all the way from 1.5 – 5 years old. Not only do you get more use out the bike your kid will accelerate the learning process for balance, improving their coordination and building confidence in their riding, walking and running.

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NUBI Sprint 12” Kids Balance Bike – Ages 18 Months to 5 Years Pedal-Less Toddler Bike for Boys and Girls

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